My shady friends, my lady friends,
My crazy when it’s payday friends,

My married with a baby friends,
My hazy, dazed and lazy friends,

My emaciated wasteman friends,
Waiting patient for the K-man friends,

Hasty friends, Tasty friends,
Brazen friends, Amazing friends,

My dead friends, that I miss friends
And my always take the piss friends,

My bed friends, that I kiss friends,
Let’s stare in the abyss friends,

My shipping up to Boston friends,
My need to call more often friends,

My gorgeous friends, and lawless friends,
My always on the corner friends,

My Richmond friends, my Teesside friends,
My much prefer the B Side friends,

My future friends, my brutish friends,
My teenage mutant human friends,

My quiet friends, my finite friends,
My eyeballs wide and wired friends,

My other side of the world friends,
And my volatile ex girlfriends,

My passive friends, and passing friends,
My lifelong friends, and Friday friends,

My work friends, persistent friends,
And sometimes non-existent friends,

My London friends, redundant friends,
Stoner friends and loner friends,

Cheers! Because without you friends,
I don’t know what I’d do, my friends.


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