Tomorrow’s Gorgeous Globe

The world changes slightly overnightly while you sleep,
As your tired mind rides the quiet silence of the deep,
Tallying your troubles instead of counting sheep,
Thinking, where we going sowing someone else’s reap?

The autumn dew and yawning dudes are warning you it’s morning,
Awful tube rides to the new sky-scraping blocks of boredom,
Yesterday’s a lesser day, today’s a better bet
Or today’s a hedonistic lipstick-day without regret.

The age which we’ve just clambered out was Bambi-legged at times,
One where hope’s not handed out and seldom stars aligned,
Where dopey louts smoke and joke about with homeless men
‘Cause the wage’s that they make means they’re just as broke as them.

The future that the sunrise brings sings a fresher song,
And not some rosy hippy trip where we all get along,
But one where empathy and understanding reign supreme
And dreaming big won’t have the stigma that it seems to.

The politically possessed or ruthlessly religious
Will continue to shout about whatever is their business,
But if they’ve good intent and are tolerant and peaceful
Then tomorrow’s gorgeous globe will be filled with better people.

We won’t label lads as bastards if they make a mad mistake
Or label lasses ‘sassy sows’ if they’re complicated,
It could be little ‘villains’ clad in streetwear wearing Beats
Or some beach-haired beatniks wearing flares unwashed for weeks,

But we all sleep with the deep ability to care
And have compassion for another chap who wishes they weren’t there,
Some pick fights with fireworks and tackle life with vigour,
Some get dwarfed by problems that get forever bigger.

Some preach like pin-up prophets nurtured by the net
Or shy away in shadows cast back by the 1per cent,
The hell bent or the heaven sent or heavily ignored,
I hear you loud and clear, here’s your overdue applause

For wading through your history and making it alive,
Emergence isn’t always visible inside the hive,
The lively, mild, tiny, wild, childish, lost or loud,
Have made it to today and for that you should be proud.

Ancient agonies can help us learn but don’t dictate
The way it has to be, we can burn all then create
Communities not eulogies of teens and teenage dreams,
From SE17 to N15 and in between.

Living like an island, self-obsessed and cold
Was the brazen way for many in the days of old,
But a happy and empathic future starts today
‘Cause there are only humans in our mighty human race.


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